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  • ​Powerful easy to use digital menu software.
  • Change item names and descriptions.
  • Change pricing
  • Show different content, different times of the day
  • Add & change pictures
  • Run specials
  • Up-Sell with Featured Products
  • Create an Up-Scale Look to Your Establishment
  • Attract Customer Attention with Multi Media Graphics
  • Reduce Perceived Wait Time
  • Influence Customer Purchasing Decisions

Not Just for Food Service!

If You Have a Product or Service to Offer,
a Digital Menu is for You!

• Retail, malls, department stores, specialty stores.
• Hospitality, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, etc.
• Services, health care facilities, retail banks
• Trade shows, product demonstrations,
• Transportation Centers
• Other public spaces, high-rise elevators, busses
• Communications, conference rooms