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• Easy to use and quick to set up
• USB updated content
• Playback of images and video
• Will work with any size TV or Display

Product & pricing edited in easy to
use software and saved as a movie
to a USB drive.

Place USB drive in player attached to TV and automatically play vibrant video graphics in a continuous loop.

We can make the changes:
For those who don't have the time or simply would rather concentrate on foodservice, we offer very affordable rates for making changes to your menu boards. If you only plan to make changes to your menu board once or twice a year, you may find it more cost effective to have us make the changes for you. These can be done for as little as $45.00.

You can make the changes:
With the ConnectEdit program you can update your digital menus whenever you like. If you have ever used a word processing program like Microsoft Word you will find making changes to your menu in ConnectEdit a breeze. Once the changes are made you simply save your menu as a "Movie" file to a USB drive and plug it into the media player attached to your TV or display. Just that simple!

Making Changes to Your Menu Couldn't be Easier!