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Co-op Process 

One of the most popular and inexpensive methods of quickly getting a digital menu system up and running, is for you to purchase your digital LCD or LED TV screens and mounts form a wholesaler like Costco, Bj's or Amazon online and let us do the rest. While you are acquiring and installing your TV screens, we will be designing and laying out your digital menus. 

Once completed, we will install all the hardware and software necessary to run your digital menu on your pre installed screens.

We supply and Install:

Animated or Transition food graphics.
Your menu items and pricing 
Software that allows you to make changes to your menu.
Software Training.
The hardware, cables and storage devise to run the menu ad on your screen
Ongoing Technical Support
Life Time Software Upgrades

We Can Do it All

We offer full service digital menu design and deployment.

Free Initial Consultation 
Take advantage of our knowledge and experience

Equipment Needs Analysis 
We can determine the number of screens and the optimum screen size that best suites your restaurant and menu.

Creative Design Services
We will offer an assortment of possible screen layout designs and animations. We will take into consideration you businesses color schemes logo and other advertising graphics. We input all your data (product, descriptions and pricing) to your digital menu.

Specials and Promotions Design
We can design a program that features your daily, weekly or seasonal specials


Ongoing Technical Support 

Life Time Software Upgrades

We supply:

The Screens
TV Mounts
Hardware and Software
Cables and storage
Digital menu content design
Input All your data (product, descriptions and pricing) to your digital menu.
All the product photos and full motion videos
Installation of all our products.

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