Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a digital Menu?

A. A digital menu is nothing more than a LCD or LED tv screen with a small electronic device attached that enables it to show any combination of live or recorded full motion video, static images, text and animated graphics.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. That depends on how many screens/TV's you need to display all your menu items and pictures. The average pizza or sub shop generally needs between three and five TV's to display all their menu items. The cost can be as low as $600.00 per screen (depending on the number of TV screens needed)

Q. How many TV's will I need?

A.The average digital menu lists about 65 - 70  lines per screen (This factors in space for product pictures).

A line consists of:

           1) The name of the product and its price i.e. ''Hamburger 6.95'', ''Cheese Pizza 12.50'', ''Steak Tip Sub 8.50'', etc
           2) The products description i.e. ''100% Grade A Beef'', ''Served with lettuce & Tomato'', ''Made Fresh Daily''.

Q. What does Connect Digital Menus Provide?

A. We supply a digital menu package for each of the screens you install a package consists of:

  • The creation of a fully animated menu layout using your businesses color scheme
  • We enter in all your menu items, their descriptions, and all the pricing.
  • We supply product pictures from our library of thousands of stock food images and video.
  • We create your digital menu video and down load it to a USB drive
  • We supply and attach to the back of your TV's, a digital ad player that the USB drive plugs into.
  • The ad player plays your menu ad in a continuous loop.Q.

Q. How much space do I need to install the TV's for my digital menus?

A. The information below is based on the average over all size of a flat screen tv based on the quoted
Diagonal screen size.